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Off-road 50″ LED Light Bars

50 Inch Dual Row Light Nox-Lux
50″ Dual Row LED Light Bars – Aurora
50″ Dual Row LED...
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Nox Lux 50 inch LED Light Bars

Check out Nox Lux’s selection of professional grade, offroad 50″ led light bars!

All of Nox Lux’s 50 inch light bars are meticulously hand-crafted from the finest of materials and are built for taking on the world’s harshest of environmental conditions.

Our LED light bars incorporate the latest and greatest in LED technologies, utilizing Grade “A”, top bin pick, American made CREE LED’s and German made Osram LED’s.


Not to be confused with the cheap LED lights found on Ebay, Amazon, and a large number of other offroad LED lighting retailers! Compare our offroad LED lighting systems and find out for yourself. Half the price for twice the light!

Our High Grade LED Light Bar Features-

  • – Built with cutting edge 3watt/5watt/10 Watt + CREE/Osram LED technologies
  • – IP67, IP 68, and the highly coveted IP69k Ratings (most LED light bars do not have this rating!!!)
  • – MIL STD 810 Ratings – Built to meet or exceed Military standards
  • – GE LEXAN Lens
  • – Du Pont Protective Coating- Anti mar, anti corrosive, UV resistance
  • – 50,000 Hour average lifespan
  • – 2 Year Warranty!

Check out Nox Lux’s entire selection of race ready, on and offroad LED lights!

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