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Order Your 4×4 LED Off Road Lights, LED Light Bars, LED Cube Lights, LED grille kits, off road light bar mounting kits, and accessories from Nox Lux Today and Save!

Competition Ready, Military grade off road LED lights for Jeep, trucks, SUV’s, 4×4’s, off-road vehicles, ATV’s and UTV’s, construction equipment and heavy machinery, boats, motorcycles, …

Check Out Our Selection Of Premium Aurora™ Off Road LED Lighting Solutions. Why waste your time and hard earned money on cheap 4×4 LED lights when you can get “it” right the first time by purchasing a professional grade off-road LED light bar from one of the best high performance manufacturer’s of off-road LED lighting solutions. Our off-road LED Lights are built with high quality materials, state of the art LED lighting and circuitry, incorporate military standard technology, are long lasting and extremely rugged, intensely bright, and come with a warranty!

Types of High Performance Off road LED Lights and LED Light Bars We Carry

Nox Lux carries some of the best Off-road lights and LED Bars when compared to the vast majority of competitors selling similar 4×4 LED lighting solutions. We sell only the creme de la creme in terms of off road LED lighting and marine LED lighting systems. Nox Lux offers premium automotive LED lights, 4×4 LED bars LED headlights, LED tail lights, LED Spot lights, LED Fog Lights, Round LED Lights, Square LED cube lights, Mini Rock Crawl Lights(puddle lights), all in one universal LED grille kits, and marine spreader lights.

Our high tech off-road LED lights come in the following LED light beam configurations- Driving beam, Spot beam, Combo beam, Fog beam, Diffusion beam, and in the newer Scene beam. Our off road LED lights utilize the finest of materials, the latest in LED technology from the CREE and OSRAM LED, are hand built to perfection, and implement high quality optics and lenses in the either the standard 2d, 3d, and/or 4d off-road LED light pattern configurations.

Nox Lux carries a wide selection of hyper performance off road LED lights and LED bars in the following shapes and sizes- 2 inch CREE cube lights, 2 inch LED lights, 2″ LED Light bars, 4″ LED bars, 6″ LED light bars, 10″ LED light bars, 20″ LED light bars, 30″ LED light bars, 40″ LED Light bars, 50″ LED Light bars offered in either the traditional straight design or the newer curved LED light bar design; sold in single row or dual row, and in the following colors: white, amber, mix(White/Amber), red, green, blue, white, amber and RGB(Mini Rock light kits)

Rugged, Reliable, and Extremely Bright Off road LED Lights for Trucks, Jeeps, 4×4’s, 4wd’s, ORV’s, ATV’s, UTV’s, SxS’s, Snowmobiles, Tow Trucks, Big Rigs,…

Our High Grade Off Road LED Light Features-
  • – Built with high tech, Grade “A”, 3 watt, 5 watt, 10 watt CREE or OSRAM LED chip sets and circuitry.
  • – IP67, IP68, and the prestigious IP69k Ingress Ratings (most LED light bars have not been awarded this rating!!!)
  • – MIL STD 810 Ratings – Built to meet or exceed Military standards
  • – GE LEXAN Lens
  • – DuPont Protective Coating- Anti mar, anti corrosive, UV resistance
  • – 50,000 Hour average lifespan
  • – 2 Year Warranty!

Our off road LED lights and LED light bars are NOT to be confused with the cheap LED lights found on Ebay, Amazon, and a large number of other offroad LED lighting retailers! We provide off road LED lights for the serious 4×4 enthusiasts, off-road racers, or for those that need LED lights that can withstand the harshest of environments and conditions without a lapse in performance. Compare our top of the line off road LED Lights and LED Light Bars to find out for yourself. Half the price for twice the light only at Nox Lux!

THESE ARE PERFORMANCE GRADE, RACE READY 4×4 off-road LED lights and LED bars!!! Military Standard Rated. Tested To The Extreme. Compare to Rigid, JW, PIAA, KCHilites and find out for yourself! Outperforms and Outlasts all of those cheap LED light bars on Ebay and Amazon by light years. Free Shipping In The USA Lower 48 – No Minimum!

About Nox Lux

Hyper performance offroad LED light bar retailer offering a wide range of automotive and 4×4 led lights, on and offroad accessories, emblem kits, tailgate inserts, custom dash kits, running boards, skid plates, all in one LED grille kits for Jeep, Toyota, Land Rovers, Hummers, Ford trucks, Chevy trucks, 4×4’s, 4WD’s, cars, trucks, trophy and stadium trucks, dirt bikes, enduro racers, rally racing, SUV’s, ATV’s, UTV’s, golf carts, snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, Side by Sides (sXs), dune buggies and other types of sand toys, rock crawlers, hill climbing trucks, RV’s, lawn and farm equipment, forklifts, tow trucks, snow plows, construction equipment, heavy machinery, tree trimming bucket trucks, emergency vehicles, search and rescue, motorcycles and street bikes, boats and yachts, plus many other applications where reliable auxiliary LED lighting is needed…

Illuminate Your Next Excursion At Light Speed With Nox Lux’s Hyper Performance Off road LED Lights!