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Off-road LED Pod Lights – LED Cube Lights – Square LED Work Lights – LED work lights for trucks

Have you been shopping around for auxiliary LED lighting for your truck, SUV, 4×4, or work vehicle?

Well, you are in luck. Nox Lux sells a wide range of square LED work lights for off-roading and other applications where additional lighting is needed in extreme conditions. These intensely bright and exceedingly rugged off-road LED cube lights come in a wide range of beam patterns, with different powered LED’s, and they come in either flush mount or post/pillar mount.

We currently offer our 2 inch CREE LED pod lights in the following light beam patterns- driving, fog, spot, combo, diffusion, and the newer scene beam configuration.

We at Nox Lux pride ourselves on selling the best off-road LED lights that your hard earned money can buy. Meaning, if it is something we would not use ourselves for work or play on our rigs, then we would most certainly not sell the product to the public, unlike many other off-road LED lighting companies that take great pride in selling cheap LED pod lights that seem to be of “toy like” quality, and most certainly do not last. We have even heard horror stories of other companies supposed premium grade off-road LED lights coming in the mail with condensation in them just from being shipped?

Common Off-road LED Pod Light Uses-

Our premium off-road LED pod lights are perfect for installing on your truck or Jeep skid plate or brush bar, look and perform great installed as a series on a roof rack, perfect for mounting on your ATV or dirt bike, a great fit for using as performance fog lights in the bumper of your vehicle, install seamlessly on your Jeep’s windshield pillar mounts, and are very handy in a wide range of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and marine applications.

Check out our list below of popular vehicles, equipment, machinery, and performance rigs our square flush mount or post mount LED pod lights work on best-

ATV’s, UTV’s, SUV’s, JEEP, Trucks, RV’s, Rally Cars, Dirt Bikes, Search & Rescue, First responder’s, Emergency vehicles, Fork Lifts, Snow plows, Tow Trucks, Sand Toys, Baja Dune Buggies, Project vehicles, Off road vehicles, 4×4’s and work trucks, Mining vehicles, Mega Mud Trucks, Construction equipment and machinery, Farm Tractors, Motorcycles and Mopeds, Boats, Yachts, Commercial Ships, etc.

Illuminate Your Next Excursion At Light Speed With Nox Lux’s Hyper Performance Off-road LED Lights!

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