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Marine LED Lights for Boats, Jet Ski’s , Watercraft, Yachts, Air Boats, etc.

Are you an avid boater that tends to stay out as late as possible when out enjoying yourself on the water? Have you ever considered installing additional lights on your boat, jet ski, air boat, yacht, etc. for added visibility as well as additional safety while out on the water after dark?

Our marine LED light series are specially designed and manufactured specifically for use with marine applications or in places where additional lighting is needed where there is consistent exposure to water / moisture.

The Marine LED Light Series, as well as with all of our other LED lighting systems, have all been torture tested to ensure that you are receiving the highest of quality marine LED light that will endure and perform regardless of whatever you and/or the elements can throw at them. All of Nox Lux’s off road LED lights and marine LED lights are manufactured and meticulously handcrafted to the highest of standards, utilize the latest in LED technology, have obtained the highly coveted IP69k rating, are Mil STD 810 rated, have a life span of over 5+ years or 50,000+ hours of continuous use, and come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty!

Our series of low profile marine LED lights are perfect for fishing boats, jet ski’s, shrimping boats, crab boats, skiffs, yachts, gold digging rigs, patrol boats, etc. We offer our premium marine LED lights and LED light bars for boats in the following sizes- 2″ LED pod cubes, 10″ LED light bars, 20″ LED light bars, 30″ LED light bars, and 40″ LED light bars.

Illuminate the Night At The Speed of Light With Nox Lux’s Marine LED Lighting Systems!