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Colorado 2021-22 – Urethane Insert – Tailgate Letters


  • OEM perfect fit 3D Raised Tailgate Letters
  • Distinctively highlights the Chevrolet logo on truck tailgate by complementing the body stamping
  • Unparalleled durability from proprietary polyurethane letter construction
  • Genuine 3M adhesive tape is resistant to pealing, weathering and car wash safe
  • The original and still the best tailgate letter manufacturer to the automotive OEM industry
  • Officially licensed GM product – designed and engineered to meet GM’s exacting specifications
  • Easy and fast installation
  • 100% manufactured in the USA

Show off your style and enhance the exterior appearance of your vehicle with Nox-Lux Tailgate Lettering. This premium applique uses a multiple step process to create a three-dimensional effect and is made of high-quality polyurethane with a genuine 3M adhesive backing. The package comes with a Chevrolet Lettering applique with a pre-applied 3M adhesive material.

Perfect fit 3D Raised Tailgate Letters

Specific Vehicle Fit
Year Model
2021 Colorado
2022 Colorado


Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Installation Time: 18 minutes

Tools Required:

Isopropyl Alcohol Lint Free Scratch Resistant Cloth



A. Prepare Surface

  1. Thoroughly clean all the installation surfaces.
  2. Apply isopropyl alcohol mixture to a clean lint free cloth and clean the emblem surface to be installed. Allow the surface to air dry thoroughly. (Fig A-1) Note: Always use a clean, lint-free scratch resistant cloth. Note: Never apply isopropyl alcohol directly to the surface!
  3. Inserts and vehicle installation surfaces must be between 70° F and 110° F at time of installation Note: A heat source may be used to reach minimum temperature if necessary.

B. Verify Kit Contents

  1. Inspect the kit for contents and damage.

C. Product Installation

  1. Follow Procedure A above to ensure a clean and prepared surface for installation (Fig C-1).
  1. Check fitment of the insert within the cavity prior to installation (Fig C-2).
FIG C- 3
  1. Remove the liner from the back of the letter, exposing the adhesive backer (Fig C-3). Note: Do not touch the adhesive liner during installation.
FIG C- 4
  1. Align the top edge of the insert and slightly attach the letter (do not fully adhere to the vehicle at this time) (Fig C-4). Note: Do not touch the adhesive liner during installation.
  2. Check the alignment of the letter and make any alignment adjustments before pressing the remainder of the letter into place.
FIG C- 5
  1. Press the remainder of the letter into place (Fig C-5).
  2. Using a soft felt block, press firmly on the letter from the top edge, working downward to the bottom of the letter to ensure maximum adhesion contact.
  3. Repeat steps 1-7 for remaining letters.

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