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Nox Lux “Quantum” 10 Inch Adaptive LED Light Bars

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  • 124 Watts
  • 6435 Lumens
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Nox Lux Adaptive 10 Inch LED Light Bars

State of the Art LED light bars that adapt automatically to driving conditions such as lighting, weather, speed, etc.

Have you been considering buying a high performance 10″ single row LED light bar for your 4WD, 4×4, or other off road vehicle but are extremely confused about different models, specifications, and drastic price differences?

The Nox Lux adaptive LED light bar offers 3 different beam pattern options from low beam to middle beam to hi beam; with an additional “automatic” setting which automatically adapts to driving conditions, which is the newer adaptive technology that has been incorporated into this new line of off-road LED light bars.

Nox Lux’s Adaptive LED light bars utilize a hybrid light beam pattern as to provide the best combination of down range and side to side lighting conditions. The Nox Lux adaptive line of led light bars is capable of automatically adjusting through the use of a proprietary combination of patent pending optics, reflectors, and through the use of the latest state of the art LED technologies.

The Nox Lux adaptive LED light bar also comes equipped with RGBW ambient back lighting, Daytime Running Lighting feature, modular style mounts, and a high tech, but very easy to use, touchscreen light bar controller to access all of the new adaptive LED light bar features and capabilities.

Nox Lux adaptive light bars are currently available in 10 inch, 20″, and 50″ LED light bars and all come with a dash controller, wiring harness, and mounting hardware.

Illuminate the Night at Light Speed With the Nox Lux “Quantum”; The Next Generation of multi function, RGBW, adaptive LED light bars!

Check out Nox Lux’s selection of automotive, auxiliary, emergency, and off-road LED lights and LED light bars-

If you want better quality, most of the time it costs more money. Fortunately for you, we take great pride in our products and even more in our customers. Order the Adaptive 10″ Single Row LED Light Bar Today to Truly Save Yourself a Tremendous Amount of Time, Effort, Money, and Aggravation of Being Stuck in the Trails with NO LIGHTS!

Illuminate the Night With Nox Lux’s Brand New Next Generation, Multi-Function, Automatic, Adaptive, Single Row 50 inch LED Light Bar. Order Now!



  • Cree


    Genuine CREE™ XTE LEDs

  • Combination


    Reflector Pattern

  • 50,000+ Hour Lifespan

    50,000+ Hour Lifespan

    5+ Years of Continuous Use

  • Aluminum Housing

    Aluminum Housing

    6063 Heavy-Duty Die Cast Aluminum Housing

  • IP68-IP69K


    Protection Against Dust & High Pressure Water

  • Military Standard Tested

    Military Standard Tested


  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

    2 Year Limited Warranty

    Against Manufacturing Defects

  • Dual Oversized Heat Sink

    Dual Oversized Heat Sink

    Double Area of Heat Dissipation

  • DuPont


    Black Powder Coat UV Resistant Painting Technology

  • GE Lexan

    GE Lexan

    100% Optically Clear Polycarbonate Lens

  • Aurora Patent Gore Breather

    Aurora Patent Gore Breather

    Military Standard Protective Vent

  • Deutsch


    Sealed Waterproof DT Connector

  • 316 Stainless Steel Screws

    316 Stainless Steel Screws

    Every 1.5 inches

  • Anti-Radio Interference

    Anti-Radio Interference

    No White Noise


  • Off Road

    Off Road

    Jeeps, UTVs, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Golf Carts, 4 Wheelers.

  • Marine


    Boats, Jet Skis, Freight Liners, Yachts, Fishing Vessels

  • Work Sites

    Work Sites

    Construction, Road Work, Towing, Snow Plowing, Paving, Sewage Draining

  • Agriculture


    Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Plows.

  • Heavy Machine

    Heavy Machine

    Bulldozers, Backhoes, Dump Trucks, Wrecking Balls, Mining Equipment


Light Bar
Beam Pattern Combination Beam Angle Spot: 10~20 degrees | Flood: 40~60 degrees
Lumens 24000 Beam Throw 1880 Meters
LED Type CREE XTE LED Quantity 50 LEDs
LED Wattage 5 Watts Wattage 250 Watts
Current Draw 20 Amps Operating Voltage 9~36 VDC
Color Temperature 6000-6500 K Finish Black
Material Aluminum Water Resistance Waterproof IP69K
Weight 10.4 lbs* Wire Length ~20 Inches
Standards And Certifications Multiple
Wiring Harness
Connector Type Deutsch DT Length ~60 Inches
Fuse 30 amp Relay JD1912/12VDC | 40A/14VDC
Switch LED Rocker Weight 9.3 oz
Package Dimensions: 55″ x 7″ x 7″ in.
Package Weight: 13.4 lbs*
All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Dimensional Drawings

off road 50 inch light bar

[ultimate_modal modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”#aurora-cert-image” modal_size=”block” overlay_bg_opacity=”80″]best off-road led light bar certifications

What's In The Box?

  • One Light Unit
  • Waterproof Connector Switch
  • Relay
  • Fuse and Fuse holder
  • Wiring Harness with the above totally connected and ready for installation
  • Mounting Hardware (Mounts)
  • Mounting Nuts


Aurora Product Testing Video:

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