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40″ Single Row Scene LED Light Bar – Aurora


  • 200 Watts
  • 17640 Lumens
  • 1544 Meter Beam Throw
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How would you like to stay out and play a little bit longer at night with Nox Lux’s high tech 40 inch off-road LED scene lights?

Nox Lux’s 40 inch LED light bars implement the latest and greatest in terms of off-road LED technology. All of the internal and external components, LED chip sets, optics, reflectors, lenses, and circuitry configured in the newer scene beam LED light beam pattern.

All of Nox Lux’s premium grade off-road LED lights systems are manufactured by hand to the highest of standards and with the finest of materials. Forty high powered 5 watt CREE XTE LED’s assembled into a unique configuration with mirror finish reflectors, make this offroad LED light the perfect match for your ride or rig!

All of our off-road LED lights and LED light bars are rigorously tested, are practically impervious to extreme weather, and are just about indestructible. Due to the fact that our LED lights for off-road use can withstand such abuse, they have achieved the hard to obtain IP69k ingress/waterproof rating as well as the MIL STD 810 spec rating.

Why throw your hard earned money away on cheap quality LED Lights that will not last any extended period of time? Nox Lux’s premium grade LED lights have passed a series of official testing criteria from the likes of the US MIL STD810 ratings, CE, ROHS, Emark, SAE, ISO 9001, and the prestigious IP68 / IP69k ingress and waterproof ratings. The 40 inch single row led off-road light in scene beam will run consistently for a cumulative product lifetime rating of at or around 50,000+ hours of continuous use. Nox Lux’s off-road LED Lights are built to outlast and outperform those other cheap knock off LED lights by light years, and they come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty!

We offer some of the most affordable PERFORMANCE GRADE off-road LED light systems when compared to the big players in the LED off-road industries and markets. We carry a wide range of premium grade 4×4 LED lighting systems in single and dual row, with CREE or OSRAM LED chips, in different beam configurations, and with different wattage- 2″ LED cube lights, 4″ LED lights, 6″ LED lights, 10″ LED light bars, 20″ LED light bars, 30″ LED light bars, 40″ LED light bars, and 50″ LED light bars(Straight and Curved).

Illuminate Your Next Excursion At Light Speed With Nox Lux’s High Performance LED off-road Lighting Systems


  • Cree


    Genuine CREE™ XTE LEDs

  • Scene


    Reflector Pattern

  • 50,000+ Hour Lifespan

    50,000+ Hour Lifespan

    5+ Years of Continuous Use

  • Aluminum Housing

    Aluminum Housing

    6063 Heavy-Duty Die Cast Aluminum Housing

  • IP68-IP69K


    Protection Against Dust & High Pressure Water

  • Military Standard Tested

    Military Standard Tested


  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

    2 Year Limited Warranty

    Against Manufacturing Defects

  • Dual Oversized Heat Sink

    Dual Oversized Heat Sink

    Double Area of Heat Dissipation

  • DuPont


    Black Powder Coat UV Resistant Painting Technology

  • GE Lexan

    GE Lexan

    100% Optically Clear Polycarbonate Lens

  • Aurora Patent Gore Breather

    Aurora Patent Gore Breather

    Military Standard Protective Vent

  • Deutsch


    Sealed Waterproof DT Connector

  • 316 Stainless Steel Screws

    316 Stainless Steel Screws

    Every 1.5 inches

  • Anti-Radio Interference

    Anti-Radio Interference

    No White Noise


Marine LED Lights
Beam Pattern Scene Beam Angle 120 degrees
Lumens 17460 Beam Throw 1544 Meters
LED Type CREE XTE LED Quantity 40 LEDs
LED Wattage 5 Watts Wattage 200 Watts
Current Draw 14 Amps Operating Voltage 9~36 VDC
Color Temperature 6000-6500 K Finish Black
Material Aluminum Water Resistance Waterproof IP69K
Weight 8.4 lbs* Wire Length ~20 Inches
Standards And Certifications Multiple
Wiring Harness
Connector Type Deutsch DT Length ~60 Inches
Fuse 20 amp Relay JD1912/12VDC | 40A/14VDC
Switch LED Rocker Weight 9.3 oz
Package Dimensions: 45″ x 7″ x 7″ in.
Package Weight: 11.2 lbs*
All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Dimensional Drawings

marine 40 inch LED light bar

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What's In The Box?

  • One Light Unit
  • Waterproof Connector Switch
  • Relay
  • Fuse and Fuse holder
  • Wiring Harness with the above totally connected and ready for installation
  • Mounting Hardware (Mounts)
  • Mounting Nuts


Aurora Product Testing Video:

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