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Emergency LED Light Flasher Box


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SHO-ME Emergency LED Light Flasher Box

For LED light bars of 40 inches or smaller in size…

Made in the USA SHO-ME 11.1005SF.HD Heavy-Duty LED Flasher!

Extremely rugged Sho-Me strobe flasher control box that offers 7 different flash patterns. This easy to install LED emergency flasher control box utilizes 5 wires- 12V power wire, Groundwire, Mode wire for selecting flash patterns, Left Side & Right Side wires. Mounting screws included.

This 12 volt flasher will flash up to 40 inches of our lights in the patterns below. It features a water proof housing and can flash one complete dual row 30 inch LED light bar or single row 40 inch LED light bar, or; smaller section of two separate sections that don’t exceed 30 inches…

Sho-Me LED Flasher Box 7 Modes

  • Double alternating
  • Quad alternating
  • Quint alternating
  • Mega alternating
  • Double simultaneous
  • Quad simultaneous
  • Random

SHO-ME Big Flasher Box Package Features:

  • 12V DC
  • 7 patterns
  • Fits lights under 200W

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