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marine led lights for yachts and boats

Nox Lux Adds New High Tech Dual Row Marine Spreader Lights Collection to Inventory

Nox Lux, a performance off-road LED light company, recently announced the addition of state of the art LED lights for boats and other marine LED lighting applications.

Nox Lux’s hand built marine spreader light bars work perfectly for boats and on a wide range of other types of water crafts. They come with high powered 3 watt CREE XBD white LED’s, offer a unique durable Mar/UV resistant DuPont WHITE painting technology to match the color of most boat/marine applications, they are constructed using the popular combo beam light pattern which is a nice blend of both spot and flood beams, are rated to run for 50,000+ hours or 5 years continuously, and they also come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

List of new LED marine spreader lights Nox Lux recently added to inventory-

We also offer our premium marine LED lights and LED light bars for boats in the following sizes- 2″ LED pod cubes, 10 inch LED light bars, 20 inch LED light bars, 30 inch LED light bars, and 40 inch LED light bars.

Marine Spreader Light Applications-
Nox Lux series of low profile marine LED lights are perfect for boats, yachts, commercial vessels, jet ski’s, fishing boats, shrimping boats, crab boats, pontoon boats, oil rigs, patrol boats, etc.

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