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How to Install an 8 pc. Nox Lux RGB LED Rock Light Kit

How to Install Mini LED RGB Rock Lights, Puddle Lights, Wheel Well Lights, UnderBody LED Lights

Have you been considering hooking up your ride with some additional auxiliary automotive LED lighting in your wheel wells, under your ride or rig, on the front and/or back bumper, …
These types of color changing auxiliary mini LED lights are a dime a dozen these days, which translates into you having to be extra careful when going to purchase your RGB mini LED rock light kit(s).
RGB Rock Light Kit 8 Pods -Nox Lux

“LED light sequences(Disco, strobe, fade in and out, mono and multi color, jump), light ambience and warmness, LED lights work in collaboration with music, factory and user defined custom settings, match any color with your phone’s camera to be used with the auto LED light system, and you can even use your voice to control the entire Wireless Control 2″ Mini RGB LED Rock Crawl Light Kit”.

For less than a couple hundred bucks you could have your ride or rig decked out in over 16 million plus color variations with very little handy work needed.

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*Disclaimer: We at Nox Lux strive to provide the most accurate information in everything that we do. That being said, the information on this specific web page is published as general information on How to Install a RGB Rock Light Kit. As with any repair or modification, Nox Lux recommends to consult with a reputable licensed, insured, and bonded mechanic for professional assistance.


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    Rick Abrams 27th February 2022 , 3:54 pm

    Were is the best spot to wire the blue brake wire into

      Nox Lux 28th February 2022 , 11:08 am

      Thank you for your interest in our Rock Light Kits. We don’t believe this product supports wiring to a brake system.


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