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Jeep Beach 2018

Jeep Beach 2018

Innovative Auto Accessories and Off-road LED Lighting Company, Nox Lux, Loaded Up and Set To Attend and Host Booth B365-372.

One of the world’s largest Jeep only events, JeepBeach, is currently in the process of getting set up for the massive Jeep invasion at the world’s most famous beach…

With the 2017 Jeep Beach event attracting thousands of Jeep owners and enthusiasts from all across the globe, this years highly anticipated Jeep Beach event is expected to blow 2017’s number out of the water…

2017 Jeep Beach Stats-

– 2749 registered Jeeps participating inside the track, with hundreds more parked outside

– Over 19,000 Spectators

– 2374 Jeeps for the Sunday cruise on the World Most Famous Beach!!

Some of the after hour events going on at Jeep Beach 2018-

Schedule of After Hour Jeep Beach 2018 Events-

  • Tue- Tuesday Night – Jeep Beach 2018 Official Kick-Off
  • Wednesday Night – Jeep Beach 2018 Official Luau Party
  • Thursday Night – Jeep Beach 2018 Official Main Street Party
  • Friday- Recharge for Main Event Following Day!
  • Saturday Night – Jeep Beach 2018 Official Concert
  • Sunday – 2018 Jeep Beach World’s Longest Jeep Wave

There are also obstacle courses, large scavenger hunts, a wide variety of games and entertainment, multiple raffles, mini events at vendor booths and locations, offsite Jeep trail rides, plenty of food to eat, after hours parties and events, plus so much more!!!

For more information about the 2018 Jeep Beach itinerary of events and other related information, please visit-

In the spirit of the 2018 Jeep Beach…
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