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cheap led bar filled with water

Cheap LED Light Bars vs. Some of the Best LED Light Bars

What happens when you choose price over quality? Well, your entire light bar will fill with moisture and more than likely will not dry out before burning out all of the LED’s. Cheers!!!
cheap led bar filled with water and LED's burn out

As with most other industries, especially in the retail world, there are always the name brands, the middle men, and the cheap knock offs. In the world of off-road led lighting, there are the big brands, the high end companies, the middle men companies, and a tremendous amount of cheap quality LED off-road light companies pushing garbage products out into the market. This inadvertently leads many unsuspecting consumers interested in purchasing a quality LED Lighting system into believing that these “garbage” products are what is considered industry standard as they are prevalent throughout all of the popular online and offline marketplaces and mainstream retail channels.

An extremely apparent cut throat industry to say the least…

With the rise of the internet, coupled with the rise of the greed of manufacturers pigging out by directly selling to retail customers, versus that of using traditional retail channels, mediums, and distributors; has now compounded into what is now a completely saturated, highly competitive market. To compound the issue even further, Amazon and Ebay have loosened restrictions on which countries can sell on their marketplaces, opening up the doors for manufacturers to sell directly on what has been predominately retail or consumer focused platforms. The problem is now all of these channels are inundated with garbage products from shady manufacturers, offered at a fraction of the cost of some of said manufacturers very own distributors. Never mind comparing these extremely low quality offroad lights to a halfway decent set of lights. As most people have very little knowledge of auxiliary off-road LED lighting solutions, seeing these “pennies on the dollar” lights all over the world’s largest marketplaces blinds consumers and the masses into believing that these type of lights are what is acceptable as industry standard.

Nox Lux, similar to just about every other off-road LED lighting company in the US, all pretty much import their entire product lines (or at least most of the parts and materials) from reputable manufacturers in China and other countries. Very few higher end off-road LED light companies completely manufacture their products in the USA. In fact, most will source from other countries and “assemble” their LED off-road lighting systems by hand in the US, which is typically why some of the big box brands off-road LED lights are so much more expensive than other reasonably priced LED off-road light companies products- a.k.a. the “Happy Medium”. This is where Nox Lux operates in terms of consumer base and product offering…

Some of the features and benefits of purchasing premium grade LED light bars when compared to cheap quality off-road LED light bars-

  • – Air Pressurization Breathers- Prevents excess condensation via balancing air pressure
  • – Grade A Bin LED’s
  • – Cutting Edge LED Drivers and Circuitry
  • – IP69k Ingress Rated. Highest Water Resistance Rating. Most LED Lights do not have this rating!!!
  • – Military Rated. A good set of lights should successfully pass Military Spec testing standards.
  • – High strength aluminum housing. High quality, strong blend of aluminum
  • – GE Lexan or Other Indestructible Polycarbonate Lens.
  • – Protective Anti UV/ Anti scuff paint coating
  • – 50,000+ Hour Run time
  • – 2+ Year Warranty Offered
  • – Mounts, hardware, wiring harness, and installation instructions.

For more information on Nox Lux’s premium off-road LED lights, please visit-

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About Nox Lux-

Nox Lux, a cutting edge supplier of high tech, performance grade, on and off-road LED lighting systems and auto accessories for the Automotive, Off Road, Maritime, Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial markets. Precision engineered, meticulously hand-crafted to the highest of manufacturing standards, built with the latest state of the art technologies, materials, and components.

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